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Export Products

Export Products

BILAL Match Box Company offers the high-quality range of Safety Match Sticks and is known as the best match box manufacturers in Tamil Nadu. The safety matches produced by us are rigorously quality checked and are best assured as the matches are safe to light. Our range of match sticks light within one strike. As a matter of fact, we are renowned as the best Export safety matches manufacturers in INDIA.

By the pioneering work done by our experienced people, we are now the leading exporters to many countries. Today, we are recorded for the best match box manufacturers in TamilNadu which consist of 3000 skilled laborers. Our varied range of products completely complies with the highest standards of in accordance with the international standards, as we are the trusted safety matches manufacturers in INDIA.

We export all types of match boxes made according to customer requirement. We are the one of the Leading Match Box Exporter in India. We maintain the international market standard by using the top grade of raw materials and its suitability in all weather conditions.

Specifications of our High-Quality Export Match Boxes: –

  • Blue Match Stick Head
  • Brown Match Sticks Head
  • Green Match Sticks Head
  • Pink Match Sticks Head
  • Red Match Sticks Head

Nevertheless, we are one of a kind match box manufacturers who guarantee that our match sticks light with the very first strike. Thus promoting less wastage and simple to use. We are strongly guided by the vision and true leadership as we promote our business too many parts of the world.

Punctual Delivery Time

BILAL Match Box Company are the best match box manufacturers in TamilNadu who always gives an upper hand to a time-based delivery of the product. With a lot experience in logistics and shipping, the company has put time and human resource over the years to give the proper commitment of timelessness delivery of the product.

With extended relationships with great logistics partners across the country, we know aim to become the leading safety matches manufacturers in Sivakasi to offer punctual delivery time to all our clients. As such, we have always been working hard to offer customized shipping and logistics solutions to all our esteemed partners.